Selling Online: How to Get Your First Sale

Getting your first customer is a significant achievement when selling online! Here is how to focus on driving traffic and making sales!

As the owner of a new ecommerce site, it is easy to think you are going in the right direction and building a successful business.

The truth is that if you want to run a successful business, you need to expose your ecommerce store to the world. Targeted traffic is essential for new ecommerce stores.

You won’t know if there is any potential interest in the products you sell if you don’t drive traffic. You won’t know if your brand relates to your products and your intended audience if you don’t drive traffic, and you won’t know if the prices are expensive if you don’t drive traffic.

Regardless of where you are in the business, focus on driving targeted traffic when selling online. This is the best and only way to run a successful online store. Read more on how to start a business online.

We’ve come up with some of the best ecommerce tips that can help you maximize your efforts:

– Join online communities: You shouldn’t underestimate the real value of adding a link to your store on the right website, blog or marketplace. You can post the links on popular forums like Reddit, Quora, and etc. You can join Facebook Groups or find niche communities in your business industry. You can use each of these channels as a business opportunity to reach potential customers who have organized themselves around specific needs and desires. Do a research for customers’ interests that relate to your business. You can use groups to get support and help from professional entrepreneurs. Some of the communities we recommend are Entrepreneur, Shopify Entrepreneurs Facebook Group, Bright Ideas and Entrepreneurs LinkedIn Group, Shopify Ecommerce University, and Grow and Sell Facebook Group. These groups are recommended for online stores that sell products to specific interest groups.

– Paid advertising: One of the best ways to get targeted traffic is through paid advertising. The paid advertising channels allow PPC campaigns. Each advertising channel is different and you should choose one based on who you are targeting. If you are targeting specific countries, we recommend you to check which social platforms are popular in certain markets.

– Google Ads: The first thing people do when they want to buy something online is look it up Google. Google AdWords or Google Ads allows your website to be shown at the top of the search page when online shoppers search for specific terms.

Google Ads offers different options such as Shopping Ads that show your product photo & price in a better format, text ads that show up in search results, and more. There are people who find Google Ads intimidating because of the complicated interface so make sure to consider using a Shopify Expert (we assume you are already using Shopify platform to sell your products if you want to take advantage of Google Ads in the right way. Google Ads is recommendable for local businesses, trending products, and products with high search volume.

– Seek out strategic business partnerships: The business partnerships can be an excellent way to get your products in front of your potential customers. It is recommendable to look for like-minded and non-competitive brands that attract the people you are looking for. You can get creative with your new partnerships and run a contest together with your products as a price, sponsor an event, package samples of your products, create a product together, and etc.

Driving traffic is all about bringing your products and buyers together in a world of business possibilities. Explore, try, and improve the best strategy that works for you!

Get your store out there and get your first sale!