Advertising campaigns are usually targeted towards newer prospects which is a necessary strategy when you want to reel in a specific demographic of your market. Equally important is also targeting your existing customers to gain their loyalty. It is far much cheaper and more profitable to maintain loyal repeat customers in comparison to chasing down new uncertain ones.

Here are some e-commerce tips that build loyalty

1. Customer engagement

Whereas email is a great way to correspond, most millennial have shown a preference for live chat and other live messaging Apps such as Facebook. Your store’s ability to respond promptly inspires buying confidence to your consumers.

With so many millennials and other demographics on social media platforms, it becomes strategic to have an online store that is integrated with social media platforms. It is even better when consumers can access your online store via social media and be able to make purchases without necessarily leaving the social media site as is the case with the Shopify e-commerce platform.

2. Personalization

Most customers will appreciate a personalized periodic newsletter informing them of the latest sales offer or a new product launched by their favorite brand.

If you are wondering how else you can personalize your online store engagement with your customers, you can start by automating language and currency settings by geo-location. This means that customers can see the product on your online store in their language and local currencies.

Taking advantage of newer targeting trends can also prove helpful. For instance, 35 percent of Amazon sales come from a targeted selection of products based on recently viewed items by a consumer. It is this messaging and personalizing how you engage with your customers that can push your sales to another level.

3. Provide stellar service

It makes little sense if your online store is packed with all these, but you drop the ball in responding promptly to your customers, delayed shipping or having a return policy that is not clear. However, whenever cutting-edge technology is complemented by stellar customer service, you are likely to enjoy amazing sales numbers, customer loyalty and new prospects converting to sales.

4. Customer reviews

Customer testimonials cannot be overstated. If you can get your customers to leave a review on buying and product experience, you would be shocked at how much this influences the buying decision of other prospects.


Personalization of newsletters, offers and prompt response to your customers can make the difference between hitting a sales plateau or steady growth. Providing stellar service includes how you handle and resolve complaints. Bear in mind that 55 percent of shoppers will tell their friends and family when unhappy or dissatisfied with a product on an online store. So make sure your service is impeccable, and you will be rewarded with more sales in the long run.